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The Real News Feb. 24
Friday, 05 March 2010
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The Real News Feb. 24
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ImageGrandfather Bob Ortiz along with Megan Garcia and her older sister Sydney make quite a team.

Tidbits Found On The Editor’s Desktkop

The plight of the Haitians following the monstrous earthquake which struck that nation has moved all of us, young or old. Maybe as Californians we are particularly aware of the devastation and havoc quakes can cause, but still some of the responses and efforts surprise us.

Macy fourth grader Sydney Garcia talked to her grandfather about the possibility of raising money for the Haiti victims. Robert Ortiz encouraged her to lead the drive herself. He and she then enlisted her sister Megan, a second grader at the school, as her assistant. The three discussed the project with Macy Principal Tara Ryan who felt it exemplified what the school had been teaching about character and citizenship. She gave them permission.

Grandpa Ortiz created a collection bucket for them. They made a poster, but then were a little shy when they realized they needed to stand out in the hall each morning as the students came to school and ask for money. They did it though—for four weeks.

The last day of the drive involved a monthly assembly where Principal Ryan helped the girls’ cause by informing the audience of the task the girls had set themselves. Many contributed to the bucket.

That night Grandpa, Sydney and Megan counted the bucket’s contents and on Monday presented their principal with a detailed list.  In the bucket they found one $100 bill, six $20s, three $10s, 26 $5 bills and 113 $1 bills, as well as three checks for $390, and $140 in coins. They also collected two Chucky Cheese tokens, one washer and one guitar pick.

Over at Whittier Christian High School Jeff Amann who teaches the Bible class and supervises community service projects arranged to have a director of Giving Children Hope, Jenise Steverding, who had been to Haiti with a relief team, show video of the actual situation on the ground. Giving Children Hope is a disaster relief group which had already brought in a million dollars of medical supplies to Haiti and sought more.