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La Habra PD Does Not Forget
Thursday, 18 March 2010
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La Habra PD Does Not Forget
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Back in 2006 the family of Leland Washington came to La Habra’s City Hall to hold a press conference to press for help in finding the person who had shot and killed Leland Washington, their brother, son and uncle, three weeks before. Friends had called Washington asking him to pick them up at a party on West First Street where they had been drinking. He had driven over from his apartment, parked his car at Hazel and First and was standing by it waiting for his friends.

They arrived and began to get into the car. As they did, a male armed with a handgun, his face covered by a bandana, came out of the house and began shooting, hitting Leland Washington multiple times. He was killed October 29, 2006.

At the press conference his sister Denise Morehand begged for help in identifying the killer saying, “We are not asking for revenge, we are asking for justice.” She went on to recount how much the family missed its oldest son and brother, a quiet good person who spent each Thanksgiving helping his mother feed the homeless at a park in Long Beach.

 At the press conference then Lt. Jeff Swaim made clear the house where the October  29th Halloween party took place had no known association with gang members, nor had the police answered previous calls there. It was strictly a Halloween party with a number of guests in costume and many attendees from outside La Habra.

On Thursday, March 4, the department announced David Parga had been arrested and was in custody as the perpetrator of Washington’s homicide. Washington had no ties to any gang, but Parga has ties to the West Side La Habra criminal street gang.

Detectives Cpl. Dean Capelletti and Jose Rocha have been digging into unsolved homicide cases. Capelletti with his partner has now cleared the two most recent unsolved homicides.  Capelletti began with these two as he was in the department when they occurred and was familiar with both cases. The department had recently transferred  some of the detectives’ caseloads to free them up  to concentrate on these unsolved homicides. Now that these two are cleared, cases from further back in time will be next on the schedule.